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5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Campsites in Minnesota

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Hike to a scenic overlook of the St. Croix River at Interstate State Park / Paul Vincent

5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Campsites in Minnesota

By Sidewalk Dog

The North Star state is jam-packed with campgrounds, dozens of which are dog-friendly. Here are five ways for your furry companion to enjoy a tented night or two amidst Minnesota’s abundant parks, trails and 10,000 lakes.

Dog in hammock

Ego the Border Collie lounges in a hammock / @endeavorsofego

Swan Lake Resort and Campground, Fergus Falls

With easy access to the Central Lakes State Trail for walking and biking with your pup, Swan Lake Resort and Campground is your dog-friendly hub for outdoor recreation. This spot is located on the spring-fed Swan Lake, where you and your pup can bask in the sun and work on your tan lines together. There’s also an on-site game room, plus all manner of things to do in nearby downtown Fergus Falls, so you won’t have to go far for kibble or a break from the great outdoors.

Stay in one of their amenity-loaded cabins (three of the five cabins are dog friendly!) or ruff it in a tent in one of their 15 large campsites. Either way, you and your furry companion’s vacay will be well-spent in this lovely northwest Minnesota locale.

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Man and dog at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Bring your pup on the dog-friendly hiking trails at Gooseberry Falls State Park on the North Shore / Micah Kvidt

Fond du Lac Campground, Duluth

Fond du Lac Campground is a cozy Duluth gem where you and your floppy-eared friend can immerse yourselves in Minnesota’s natural beauty. Located along the majestic St. Louis River (the largest tributary to Lake Superior in the U.S.), Fond du Lac is home to more than 40 species of freshwater fish and over 200 bird species. That’s a lot of creatures for your canine to sniff out and befriend.

Cast your reel from the campground’s fishing pier, or BYOB (boat) and take advantage of the site’s fantastic water access. If fishing doesn’t wag your tail, consider a bike ride with your pup into town on the nearby Willard Munger State Trail. For a picture-perfect end to your ride, enjoy a patio pint with your pooch at one of Duluth’s many dog-friendly dining options.

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sunset on gull lake

Sunset on Gull Lake / Eric Ward

Gull Lake Recreation Area, Brainerd

Gull Lake Recreation Area sits at the outlet of a gorgeous chain of lakes, so naturally this campground is the top dog when it comes to water-related recreation. The lake’s crystal-clear water is abundant with walleye, bass and more, making this an excellent spot to kick back and catch a few fish with your favorite furry angler. The clarity of the water also makes for excellent, worry-free swimming.

Gull Lake is also home to several Native American burial mounds, estimated to be nearly 3,000 years old. The mounds are believed to have originated from the Woodland American Indians and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Pick up a brochure from the park office for information about the burial mounds, and view them from a distance while exploring Gull Lake’s dog-friendly hiking trail with Rover.

As you trek, you might also catch a glimpse of the local wildlife, including deer and bald eagles.​

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Beagle in a tent

Bella the beagle inside her tent / Amelia Blise

Lebanon Hills Campground, Apple Valley

Looking for places to pitch your pup tent in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area? Well, you’re in luck, because Lebanon Hills Campground is just minutes away from both downtowns. For city slickers vacationing with your pooch, Leb is the best of both worlds: rustic campgrounds, world-class outdoor recreation, and easy access to all of the Twin Cities' more urbane charms. Get you a campsite that can do both.

This campground features extensive hiking trails through lakes, woods and prairie, and as an added bonus, the neighboring Lebanon Hills Regional Park has some of the metro’s best mountain bike trails. The close proximity to all that the Twin Cities has to offer makes this spot a bark-worthy bookend to an action-packed day in the city, or simply a pup-tastic day spent lounging with Patches in the hammock.

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Group of people tubing in the Zumbro River valley

The Zumbro River's lively current makes for an exciting float or paddle / Paul Vincent

Shades of Sherwood, Zumbrota

Shades of Sherwood Campground and Waterpark (yes, you read that right) puts the bark in barkreation (unfortunately, you read that right too). Located along the Zumbro River, this destination has amenities for days. Plan ahead and bring a human friend to dog-sit at your campsite while you check out the water park. Afterwards, there’s plenty there for your pup to enjoy, too.

You might find yourself hanging around the campground’s picnic tables and building yourself a fire in one of the provided rings, or you could explore the nearby hiking and bike trails. This campground also offers tons of special events from spring to fall, so be sure to check their website for up-to-date info.

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dog jumping into ottertail lake at sunset

Dog jumping off a dock into Ottertail Lake at sunset / Allie Hoeft

Tips for Camping With Your Dog

  • Keep your pup on a leash at all times.
  • Make sure your campsite and surroundings are left cleaner than when you arrived (no pile left behind), and don’t let your pooch disturb other campers.
  • When hiking around the grounds and nearby parks, obey the signs and stay on dog-friendly trails.
  • Pack plenty of fresh water for you AND your four-legged BFF. When you’re thirsty, your dog probably is, too.
  • And while sharing your weenie roast with Fido is part of the fun of camping, keep him out of the s’mores stash.
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