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A drone shot of Medicine Lake in Plymouth
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A bird's eye view of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota  / Paul Vincent

Move to Minnesota

Imagine a state where you can get from big cities to big nature in less than a half hour. A state that’s top-ranked in economic opportunity and one of the best places to raise a family. A state with world-class healthcare, James Beard award-winning chefs, and teams in seven major sports leagues. A state built on access, where new experiences and endless opportunity are available to all.  

Welcome to Minnesota, America’s least stressed state.

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Hear directly from some of our newest Minnesotans — members of the hi-tech manufacturing, artisan glass, and renewable energy industries who relocated from around the world to the best state to call home.


#1 state for healthcare
#2 best state for economic opportunity
#2 best park system
#3 best state to raise a family
#3 state for homeownership
#3 most active state
#4 happiest state
#4 best state to live and work
#6 most vibrant arts community
Green sky over pine trees on the Gunflint Trail

Northern lights over the Gunflint Trail / David Johnson


Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous states in the U.S. With a top-notch healthcare system (including the #1 ranked Mayo Clinic), the third-highest fortune 500 companies per capita, stunning natural landscapes, and a vibrant arts and culture scene, Minnesota cultivates possibility. Minnesotans pride themselves on their values of inclusion, optimism, and civic engagement, with one of the nation’s highest rates of volunteerism and voter participation.     
What else makes Minnesota a great state to live? Scroll on.


Minnesota is consistently top-ranked for quality of life factors and ranked highly as a most livable state, making high-value living (Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of the nation’s most affordable metro areas) and enhanced well-being more accessible for all.

Find out more by using this MN Cost of Living Tool and reviewing key Occupational and Wage Statistics.

Average Home Values:
$303,000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
$304,000 in Rochester, Minnesota
$247,000 in Duluth, Minnesota
$228,000 in St. Cloud, Minnesota
$196,000 in Bemidji, Minnesota
Compared to:
$603,000 in Washington, DC
$815,000 in Seattle, Washington
$707,000 in Boston, Massachusetts
$548,000 in Denver, Colorado
$528,000 in Austin, Texas

Minnesota is committed to making homeownership affordable for all. Find out more about homebuying and refinancing assistance. Minnesota is also building for our future. See what’s coming using the development tracker. 

2 bedroom apartment median monthly rent
$1,299 in St. Cloud, Minnesota
$1,398 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
$1,215 in Mankato, Minnesota
Compared to:
$1,870 in Austin, Texas
$1,932 in Denver, Colorado
$3,358 in Seattle, Washington
$3,490 in Washington, DC
$3,862 in San Francisco, California
$4,216 in Boston, Massachusetts
$5,743 in New York City


From the bustling Twin Cities metro to scenic Duluth, there are many different ways to make a home in the North Star State.  

Blattner Project Manager William with a colleague 

Blattner Project Manager William with a colleague  / Paul Vincent


Minnesota's economic landscape is characterized by diversity, innovation, and a well-educated workforce, with opportunities spanning healthcare, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, and education. Boasting an extraordinary concentration of diverse Fortune 500 companies (the third most per capita in the United States), a fast-growing startup ecosystem that pulls in venture capital from investors around the world, and renowned research institutions that foster innovation, there is limitless opportunity in the Star of the North. 

We’re the problem-solving capital of America — and our businesses, from large to small, are finding solutions that will redefine the future of the global economy.   

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Jim Alman of Cirrus Aircraft walks with his wife in Canal Park